Chat bots the next big boost to your on-line marketing?

So we've boosted our ROI by retargetting and remarketing, but we are still not actively engaging with our customer. One of the latest features on Facebook now gives us the ability to talk to people who browse our websites, followers and custom or lookalike audiences by interacting with them directly with Messenger. Wow!

Potentially we can build a click-funnel that's on steroids, as an automated chat-bot can now directy ask your potential customer questions and then route them to further conversion processes (even a human!)

ChatBot: "Hi there, I am Marketing and Creative Solutions virtual assistant, how may I help you today? Are you looking for anything specific I can give you further information on?"

Potential Client: "Yes, I am looking for information on re-targetting"

ChatBot: "OK, was that with Adwords, Facebook or something else?"

Potential Client: "Facebook"

Bot: "That's great, just stay there and I'll get Rob who is our expert to give you some info"

This client is now routed to Live chat with Rob ...

Chat-bots can be linked to produce SQL queries on your product database, FAQs and with appropriate guard-rails in place can route to a human operator when it runs out of steam. This is an amazing addition to a conversion funnel..

The massive leaps in Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence have now made this a viable reality and will enhance your customer experience and coversions with another corresponding massive leap in ROI.

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