Be your own customer ...

Take a long hard look at your customer journey. Pretend to be a customer and follow your own sales funnel and experience what your customer experiences ...

Is your brand credible? Fabulous images that tell a story and back up your brand image? Are you selling enough sizzle? Got all the features and benefits? Are you finding yourself engaged with the brand?
Are you communicating enough emotion in your proposition? Demonstrating credibility and trustworthiness with ratings and testimonials? What's the Incentive? Speed premium? Guarantee? Value Added? Call to Action?

Are there any bumps in the road, broken links, images that don't show ... these things really hurt conversions.

Buy something from yourself and see if you would complete checkout? If not, fix the issue and quickly!

Then re-target market some people who added-to-cart but failed at the final checkout, send a simple questionnaire asking for their help (most people are obliging) and see what they come up with ... there could be something causing a BIG roadblock in your sales conversions, that could be easily fixed ... if you don't ask you'll never know. KEEP TESTING!

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Written by Robert Lawrence on

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