The Internet has not changed the Basics

In this world of landing pages, click funnels, bots and re-marketing it's easy to get snagged up in the process of on-line marketing and get bogged down in statistics and analytics. However it's also very easy to lose sight of the basics ... these haven't changed and some "modern" digital marketers would do well to read up on the excellent "old-fashioned" direct marketing works by Bob Stone, Drayton Byrd and the like and adapt those methods to the latest technologies. Some really clever people have trod these paths before us and the view is always better if you can stand on the shoulders of giants.

For instance, there is some excellent cuisine being produced around the world by top chef's who have been researching old cookery books and private manuscripts and bringing "old fashioned" recipes up-to-date and adding a modern twist. In fact if you research any walk of life, nearly all people who are at the very top of their game, have a healthy respect and in-depth knowledge of what has gone before ... and use that to their advantage.

So it is with marketing and advertising. But, as luck would have it, we now we have a massive global platform to access and enjoy opportunities to explore, that the "old-stagers" could have only dreamed about AND whats more, instantly and relatively cheaply.

So my advice to anyone trying to market anything is read up on some of the old school ways of doing things, bring them up to date and then add them to your marketing armoury. Learn the ABC's (always be closing), AIDA (Attention, interest, Desire, Action), SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunites and Threats), the basics of copywriting, NLP (neuro linguistic programming), Consumer Behaviour and then look at implementing and testing them with platforms, funnels, bots and the like.

Seen any ads recently that say "Avoid disappointment"? What's that promising ... disappointment; or Why not? Asking a negative question ... most people can think of dozens of reasons why not. That's how people's brains work. If you think I'm kidding try a split test.

I remember years ago writing some copy for a substantial company selling holiday accommodation that went along the lines of "FREE Gas, FREE Electric, FREE [loads more] ... leaving you nothing to worry about" and split tested that against "FREE Gas, FREE Electric, FREE [loads more] ... leaving you FREE to enjoy yourselves", that was the ONLY change in the copy.

The second version pulled nearly three times better ... the first version put the reader straight in to "worry mode" and switched them off the whole proposition. The moral is ALWAYS SELL YOUR FEATURES AND BENEFITS POSITIVELY (and always keep testing).

My favourite quote from Drayton Byrd's "Commonsense Direct Marketing" goes along the lines of (from memory) "the companies that don't survive [in direct marketing] just didn't test enough".

The fundamentals of marketing and advertising are just that the BASICS - the right product, at the right price, with the right message, to the right people, at the right time.

If you ignore the basics, however whizzy, convoluted and full of KPI's and other acronyms your internet strategy is, it will not give you anywhere near your anticipated results.

There are far too many sites out there trying to sell the sausage without first offering potential customers and clients the sizzle.

REMEMBER emotion makes the purchase, intellect justifies it afterwards!

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