Why DIY photography could be costing you a fortune

Your image is as good as the images you show with your propositions. And your image counts for a number of reasons, credibility and trustworthiness being at the top of the list.

Put yourself in the purchaser's shoes, if your images are a bit shoddy and lifeless, what does that say about your company, the service you give and the product the buyer is going to get? Yup, you guessed it your images are a reflection of what the buyer thinks your company's image is.

So your photography is not a place to try and save money.

Experienced professional commercial photographers know how to light, frame and construct an image that supports your marketing goals and ambitions and tell a story, create a feeling or aspiration and these are what turn casual browsers into paying customers.

Believe me, in any on-line marketing you need to look better than your competition if not least as good.

All things other things being equal, a prospective purchaser will buy from the vendor with the better presentation. Look at your own shopping habits ... often people will pay a premium if they believe that they are going to get some kind of value added, they feel comfortable and safe and that their business is appreciated.

These are the customers/clients to foster because they will love to give you business over and over.

Things to consider when dealing with photographers. Pin down exactly what you are going to pay and whether there are any on-going costs like post-production, travelling, usage and licencing fees and who has copyright. (In the UK it's the photographer unless expressly agreed in writing).

Great images will give you a great image. Not so great images will damage your brand and your sales. So commission the best photographer you can afford, look very carefully through portfolios of previous work and make sure that the style is "on brand" with what you are trying to achieve and will "talk" to your target audience.

Decent photography is an investment not a cost centre!

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