A short cut to evaluating and pricing your E-Com products ...

Not sure whether you have a hot product?

Even less sure about what the price should be?

As any savvy digital marketing expert will tell you, success is based on testing, testing and more testing, but it's a great idea to try and limit your exposure to duff products and get some idea of what your product is worth in the on-line marketplace before committing to advertising campaigns, fancy creative, click funnels etc.

Start off your testing by being prepared to sacrifice one of your product and start it at 99p with no reserve on a 10 day auction on Ebay.

Choose what you think will be the most applicable category and then wait and see how many page views, watchers and bids you get and then what the final auction price you get is.

This will give you a fair indication of what the market will stand for your product and what kind of interest there is for it.

No watchers and no bids means you will likely throw your money away in trying to promote a dead-duck. Better to save your budget and find something else!

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