Chat bots the next big boost to your on-line marketing?

So we've boosted our ROI by retargetting and remarketing, but we are still not actively engaging with our customer. One of the latest features on Facebook now gives us the ability to talk to people who browse our websites, followers and custom or lookalike audiences by interacting with them directly with Messenger. Wow!

Potentially we can build a click-funnel that's on steroids, as an automated chat-bot can now directy ask your potential customer questions and then route them to further conversion processes (even a human!)

ChatBot: "Hi there, I am Marketing and Creative Solutions virtual assistant, how may I help you today? Are you looking for anything specific I can give you further information on?"

Potential Client: "Yes, I am looking for information on re-targetting"

ChatBot: "OK, was that with Adwords, Facebook or something else?"

Potential Client: "Facebook"

Bot: "That's great, just stay there and I'll get Rob who is our expert to give you some info"

This client is now routed to Live chat with Rob ...

Chat-bots can be linked to produce SQL queries on your product database, FAQs and with appropriate guard-rails in place can route to a human operator when it runs out of steam. This is an amazing addition to a conversion funnel..

The massive leaps in Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence have now made this a viable reality and will enhance your customer experience and coversions with another corresponding massive leap in ROI.

If you would like to know more, then drop us a line on the contact page.

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Retargetting magic ...

This is what sets the pro-marketeers apart from the dabblers and wannabees.

Understanding how to build and use the data that the platforms provide to re-target and follow up your prospects. This is where the magic really is ... and where you can achieve amazing results, higher CTR, lower CPC, higher PUR conversions and stellar ROAS leading to fantastic ROI. (If that is all gobbledy-gook you need to hire a professional ... or you would be better off investing your money down the pub)!

Why is retargetting so powerful? Because these are customers/clients that have already looked at your proposition before.

For instance did you know that you can now send a direct message via Facebook messenger to a Facebook user that has visited your website (and that's the ONLY action they've taken and not come via any of your Social Media ads or Adwords links).


You are telling me I can directly contact people that have visited my website? Yes, I am and what's more you can put them into your re-targetting audience.

This may have already happened to you ... you looked at something on Ebay and hey presto, the next time you log into your Facebook News Feed, there it is again, in your Feed. Wow, how did they do that?

Disclaimer: The following hypothesis is deducted reasoning from my years as a software developer and may not be real. (The map may not be the territory, but following the map seems to work!)

Your Facebook pixel code fires whenever anyone hits your website and the code goes and has a look see whether your visitor is a Facebook user from their cookies, whatever their journey to get to you has been. So Facebook now has a record of which of it's users has been to your website. That's why you should only optimise your Facebook campaign for events that you have already recorded with your Pixel Code PRIOR to running your campaign ... you see Facebook already knows who your audience is. Have you ever run a campaign, got 4 sales right off the bat and then ..... nothing? That's because Facebook has hit the people it knows have been to you before (and even might have looked at the identical product)! So Facebook has re-targetted your existing website visitors (and charged you for the privilege).

Now the smart marketeer can use this to their advantage by creating a look alike audience from their client base, marketing to whatever the optimisation event your pages pixel is recording and then re-targetting afterwards (and that can be automated).

Think of it as a clever follow-up call ! You can get your proposition back to your potential customer in their News Feed and their Messenger box. Now that's smart otherwise your whole marketing strategy is dependent upon "impulse" purchasing and the ROI on that usually sucks. If you have are selling a high ticket item, then it's a considered purchase ... so your customer/client needs to be exposed to your opportunity a number of times and possibly a number of different ways before they will open their purse/wallet.

Now, consider how effective would a chat-bot be, connected from your re-targetting funnel to a potential clients Messenger account with a live link back to your sales rep's chat window?

WOW ... welcome to 21st century direct marketing.

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Be your own customer ...

Take a long hard look at your customer journey. Pretend to be a customer and follow your own sales funnel and experience what your customer experiences ...

Is your brand credible? Fabulous images that tell a story and back up your brand image? Are you selling enough sizzle? Got all the features and benefits? Are you finding yourself engaged with the brand?
Are you communicating enough emotion in your proposition? Demonstrating credibility and trustworthiness with ratings and testimonials? What's the Incentive? Speed premium? Guarantee? Value Added? Call to Action?

Are there any bumps in the road, broken links, images that don't show ... these things really hurt conversions.

Buy something from yourself and see if you would complete checkout? If not, fix the issue and quickly!

Then re-target market some people who added-to-cart but failed at the final checkout, send a simple questionnaire asking for their help (most people are obliging) and see what they come up with ... there could be something causing a BIG roadblock in your sales conversions, that could be easily fixed ... if you don't ask you'll never know. KEEP TESTING!

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The Internet has not changed the Basics

In this world of landing pages, click funnels, bots and re-marketing it's easy to get snagged up in the process of on-line marketing and get bogged down in statistics and analytics. However it's also very easy to lose sight of the basics ... these haven't changed and some "modern" digital marketers would do well to read up on the excellent "old-fashioned" direct marketing works by Bob Stone, Drayton Byrd and the like and adapt those methods to the latest technologies. Some really clever people have trod these paths before us and the view is always better if you can stand on the shoulders of giants.

For instance, there is some excellent cuisine being produced around the world by top chef's who have been researching old cookery books and private manuscripts and bringing "old fashioned" recipes up-to-date and adding a modern twist. In fact if you research any walk of life, nearly all people who are at the very top of their game, have a healthy respect and in-depth knowledge of what has gone before ... and use that to their advantage.

So it is with marketing and advertising. But, as luck would have it, we now we have a massive global platform to access and enjoy opportunities to explore, that the "old-stagers" could have only dreamed about AND whats more, instantly and relatively cheaply.

So my advice to anyone trying to market anything is read up on some of the old school ways of doing things, bring them up to date and then add them to your marketing armoury. Learn the ABC's (always be closing), AIDA (Attention, interest, Desire, Action), SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunites and Threats), the basics of copywriting, NLP (neuro linguistic programming), Consumer Behaviour and then look at implementing and testing them with platforms, funnels, bots and the like.

Seen any ads recently that say "Avoid disappointment"? What's that promising ... disappointment; or Why not? Asking a negative question ... most people can think of dozens of reasons why not. That's how people's brains work. If you think I'm kidding try a split test.

I remember years ago writing some copy for a substantial company selling holiday accommodation that went along the lines of "FREE Gas, FREE Electric, FREE [loads more] ... leaving you nothing to worry about" and split tested that against "FREE Gas, FREE Electric, FREE [loads more] ... leaving you FREE to enjoy yourselves", that was the ONLY change in the copy.

The second version pulled nearly three times better ... the first version put the reader straight in to "worry mode" and switched them off the whole proposition. The moral is ALWAYS SELL YOUR FEATURES AND BENEFITS POSITIVELY (and always keep testing).

My favourite quote from Drayton Byrd's "Commonsense Direct Marketing" goes along the lines of (from memory) "the companies that don't survive [in direct marketing] just didn't test enough".

The fundamentals of marketing and advertising are just that the BASICS - the right product, at the right price, with the right message, to the right people, at the right time.

If you ignore the basics, however whizzy, convoluted and full of KPI's and other acronyms your internet strategy is, it will not give you anywhere near your anticipated results.

There are far too many sites out there trying to sell the sausage without first offering potential customers and clients the sizzle.

REMEMBER emotion makes the purchase, intellect justifies it afterwards!

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Why DIY photography could be costing you a fortune

Your image is as good as the images you show with your propositions. And your image counts for a number of reasons, credibility and trustworthiness being at the top of the list.

Put yourself in the purchaser's shoes, if your images are a bit shoddy and lifeless, what does that say about your company, the service you give and the product the buyer is going to get? Yup, you guessed it your images are a reflection of what the buyer thinks your company's image is.

So your photography is not a place to try and save money.

Experienced professional commercial photographers know how to light, frame and construct an image that supports your marketing goals and ambitions and tell a story, create a feeling or aspiration and these are what turn casual browsers into paying customers.

Believe me, in any on-line marketing you need to look better than your competition if not least as good.

All things other things being equal, a prospective purchaser will buy from the vendor with the better presentation. Look at your own shopping habits ... often people will pay a premium if they believe that they are going to get some kind of value added, they feel comfortable and safe and that their business is appreciated.

These are the customers/clients to foster because they will love to give you business over and over.

Things to consider when dealing with photographers. Pin down exactly what you are going to pay and whether there are any on-going costs like post-production, travelling, usage and licencing fees and who has copyright. (In the UK it's the photographer unless expressly agreed in writing).

Great images will give you a great image. Not so great images will damage your brand and your sales. So commission the best photographer you can afford, look very carefully through portfolios of previous work and make sure that the style is "on brand" with what you are trying to achieve and will "talk" to your target audience.

Decent photography is an investment not a cost centre!

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